From Home loans to hot lawyers, we can help

Putting your team together.

Buying a home is a collaborative experience. Even the most seasoned home buyer is unlikely to be able to go it alone and will require resources, advice and technical help from a variety of specialist providers. But before appointing the professionals you need it’s helpful to check them out online first to get a feel about who you might feel most comfortable working with.

We’ve selected some of the leading specialists in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch so you can check them out "virtually" for yourself without having to search the net or let your fingers do the walking. Just click on the categories below.


For most of us it will start with enquiring about home loans and how to finance the house purchase. What are the options? Which lenders are offering the best deals? Should you approach a big bank or another lending institution?
Or maybe you want to look at using mortgage brokers to create a lender short-list. Which mortgage broker do you want to work with?   
When you’ve found your dream home you need to make sure it doesn’t turn into a nightmare by having a thorough house inspection, but who are the building inspectors in your area and how do their costs vary? 
You may require a property valuation to satisfy your bank – or yourself – that you are not paying too much or to help you negotiate a more favourable price.
A lawyer will protect your best interests and is a key part of your collaborative team, but which firm will suit you best? Do you want a large formal firm or a boutique, specialised outfit? 
If you want to build your own home you need to look at home builders in NZ and in your area that best suit your requirements and your budget.
And if you are looking at buying in Auckland, especially, the issue of leaky homes is something you will be potentially faced with. What are the things you need to know about leaky building syndrome and where can you get advice and help?

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