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Finding the right home loan is a daunting prospect for most people; it's complicated and jargon-heavy, as well as time-consuming and salesy. Many people choose to use mortgage brokers to find the best loans. We've listed links to the major players and boutique providers below, so you can check out which appeal to you.

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Searching for the very best home loan choice is, let’s face it, a pretty daunting prospect for most people. Not only is it complicated and jargon heavy, but it’s also time consuming and salesy. Are you really going to invite mobile mortgage managers from each of the big banks to your home after a busy day at work to listen to them pitch their products and then compare all of their offerings on a spreadsheet to work out the comparative merits?
We've listed links to both the major players and boutique providers below, so you can check them out for yourself.

For many people mortgage brokers are a godsend. They understand the dry technical terms and, in theory, distil everything down and simplify it into one or two options of lenders. And it’s free!

Not all banks offer their home loans through mortgage brokers, so that means if you use a mortgage broker you will not necessarily be exposed to every possible home loan option. Lenders may also offer different commission rates to mortgage brokers so they may understandably promote certain products over others.

In the last few years mortgage brokers have also started offering insurance services, which can also be time saving and convenient for home buyers; for many they have become a one-stop-shop for handling all of the boring stuff involved in buying a home!