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Five Reasons to Buy in Winter

Many would-be home buyers stop looking during the winter months because there are generally fewer homes listed for sale, but there are also opportunities that come with the colder weather.

Less competition
Yes, there are fewer listings but there are also fewer buyers, which is great news for those house hunters who have spent the summer and autumn facing stiff competition in the auction rooms.

Sellers are more reasonable
Sellers listing their homes at this time tend to be doing so because they have to. Perhaps they are emigrating or have other time-dependent reasons. That means they are highly motivated to reach a deal which can be a real benefit for buyers. 

You get a true perspective
No, the garden won’t be in full bloom and the house may look less attractive under stormy skies, but that simply gives you a truer picture of the home. You will also get a good impression about how the home functions. Does the heating system work well? Do the windows keep out the cold? Are there drafty spots?

Agents have time to help
If the agent isn’t having to deal with a raft of buyer enquiries, or fly off to their next open home, they have more time to help you with your queries or requests for information. That also goes for lenders too, who have fewer loan applications, so can action yours quicker.

There are opportunities for deals
Developers and new home builders can quickly get spooked by the shortage of buyers viewing their show homes during winter and will often offer price incentives or other promotions during winter.So, think twice before writing off the winter months, they could be the perfect time to buy.

For more buying advice by Stephen Hart of Hometopia and Auckland Homefinders go to BNZ Good Home.

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  • Five Reasons to Buy in Winter

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