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News Pick: The Skin You Sit In

The naked body has always been a topic of interest for English artist Gigi Barker.

She spent two years exploring the different ways she could use the body in design, and came up with some rather unique furniture.

Made to look, feel and even smell like skin, Barker's Skin Chair and Skin Stool seems to have certainly filled her brief.

The chair and stools are skin-toned, and the silicon or leather shells give the furniture the feel of real flesh.

Barker says the silicon quickly heats up to body temperature and she has added scent to heighten the experience.

Barker, who formerly worked in advertising, completed the project for her Masters in Design.

She says the furniture is designed to make people question their relationship with their own skin and to push their boundaries.

"When people see bodies they see themselves in it," Barker explains. "Sitting on something reminiscent of a body therefore brings these matters right to the fore when physical contact is made."

She adds that part of the challenge in her skin furniture is that there is no prescribed way to sit on it.

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  • News Pick: The Skin You Sit In

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