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Rivers of Gold - from Brooklyn to Broadway

"I knew I was an unwanted baby when I saw that my bath toys were a toaster and a radio."

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9 Celeb Homes for Sale Under $15 Million
Gazing upon celebrity homes can be even more compelling than gazing upon the stars themselves, as this batch of celebrity homes for sale demonstrates. Read More »
How to get the KGB and MI5 to Fund your Renovations
Espionage afficionados will love this house in London’s upmarket Chelsea. It is the former home of one of Britain’s top spies and a key man in MI5. In fact, 19 Upper Cheyne Row played a key role in shaping the events of the Cold War. Read More »
The 20 Most Expensive Cities in the World
The website Expatistan.com collects information from almost 200,000 users around the world to calculate average prices in 1,600 cities for everyday items such as food, rent and petrol. Read More »
Local Inflation - the blow-up bouncy bar
America's very first inflatable pub has opened its doors - and pumped up its walls - for punters across the pond.
Thirsty pub-goers can rent out the bar for up 70 people, and there's even space for your cousin's rock band in the bouncy bar. Read More »

There Goes the Gayborhood...

There Goes the Gayborhood...
If you lived in San Francisco’s Castro District in the ’80s, you witnessed a monumental period in the gay rights movement. You also witnessed the start of a real estate trend — what “Zillow Talk: The New Rules of Real Estate” calls The Gayborhood Phenomenon. Read More »