Private Sale and 

LOwer-fee Agencies


Private Sales Companies

Sell Direct - "Cut out the middle man."

A nationwide premium private sales service providing all the marketing tools, resources and support for you to sell your home without the involvement of a real estate agent. Marketing packages start from $995 for the Bronze Package, up to $1,995 for the Gold Package, which includes professional written Trade Me scripts, 3-D interactive floor plans and a full phone support service. Gold users also have the option of additional add-ons, such as an onsite Auctions or the Professional Negotiation service where a licensed property professional will manage the entire sale and contract preparation on your behalf.


Privateer - "The private sale professionals."

Offering three basic services, Photography and Home Image Package at $350 (home presentation consultation and pro quality photography), Marketing and Advertising Package at $1,795 ( a For Sale sign, 100 brochures, eight open home signs, an open home flag and a Trade Me listing until sold) and Open Home Hosting Package at $795 (nine open homes hosted over a three week period). An auction service is also offered in addition to the other packages.


Optimo - "Make more money from your house sale."

Fixed fee sales support from as little as $3,000. Optimo provides a free valuation, and organises ad creation, photographs, video and floor plans, so properties are available for sale within 3 days on Trade Me Property and Optimo's own website. Other services include building reports, signage and mortgage broking.  


DIY Real Estate - "Why sell your property through a real estate agent?"

DIY Real Estate specialises in supplying property signage and private sale products. A variety of value for money real estate products and services are available to help you professionally market your home privately. These include corflute real estate for sale signs, open home signs, sign stands, brochures, flyers, brochure holders, for rent signs and books. 


Green Door Global - "DIY sales kits for smart vendors."

The company offers three sales packages; The Starter Kit at $299, The Super Kit at $499 and The Supreme Kit at $799. The Supreme option includes the property being listed on the Green Door, Green Door Global, Sella and Trade Me websites, uploads to Facebook and Twitter, two For Sale signs, an open home sign, feature listing on Trade Me, downloadable flyer, 40 printed flyers and a "Property Sales Advice Pack" with presentation and sales tip as well as a visitor registration sheet and intention of offers forms.


Homesell - "Private sale property experts - 0% commission." 

The company offers a variety of packages to private sellers. The complete Budget Package starts at $1,099, and includes: local property sales data, three months coverage in Homesell's paper, listing on homesell's website, listing on Trade Me, 20 customised sales brochures, a For Sale sign, professional wide angle photography and a sales support kit containing viewing registers, negotiation form and 0800 phone support.
A variety of other packages are available; Deluxe, Apartment, Premier and finally Ultimate at $2,899, as well as an Auction Package for an additional $1,199.


The Property Market – “Commission fees that work … for you.” 

The Property Market offers a choice of fee structure; either a flat rate of 2% of the sales price (+ GST) or their Fare Share option, that allows you to negotiate a level up to which you pay zero commission. Above that, you agree a commission fee at a percentage rate that incentivises high-end performance. A minimum commission fee of $12,000 (+GST) applies to either option. Sales interest and viewing activity is all recorded and monitored via a dashboard system. Auckland only.  


Face Up - "If you haven't spoken to us, then... you're paying too much."

A full-service agency offering fees of 2% for the first $500,000, then 1.5% on the balance of the sales price. Face Up's declared mission is to work with sellers to successfully project manage, market and sell homes, achieve the best possible price, all at a lower cost and without compromising the quality, marketing and negotiation services you expect from a highly qualified and experienced sales team. Full fees here.


200 Square – “Selling your home is hard (and expensive). We’re here to change that.” 

200 Square  provides a virtual real estate agent concept and a flat fee of $4,500 regardless of the sales price. Everything is done online, including your home’s price appraisal and loading onto Trade Me, and 200 Square’s website. Advice and guidance is provided but the idea is for you to do your own open homes and photography (although you can pay extra for pro photography and open home hosting if you prefer), while they do the follow-ups and negotiation with potential buyers. Sales interest and viewing activity is all recorded and monitored via a dashboard system. Nationwide.


Green Door – “You really don't need to pay more for a great result!”

Green Door offers a full agency service with fees calculated on 2.5% for the first $400k and 1.95% of the balance of the sales price. They also offer "hybrid" packages which are a mix of the agency and private sales models. Available in Nelson, Marlborough, Bay of Plenty, Whangarei and Auckland.


Total Realty – “A full and professional real estate sales service without charging an excessive commission.” 

Offering a full service fee of 1 - 1.25% of sales price, with a minimum charge of $2,995. South Island only.


ACRES – “A complete real estate system.”

A network of solicitors who are eligible to sell your home in association with real estate professionals. Lawyers are not able to charge a commission based upon the sale price of the property and must charge in accordance with the normal charging principles eg, time in attendance, expertise required, contingency, agreement with the client.