two-minute video tips

Whether you are bidding at auction, submitting a tender or buying by negotiation, you need to know the rules, protocols, tips and tricks in order to give yourself the best chance of being successful and buying at the best possible price. 

In the videos below, we look at some of the issues you are likely to face when buying homes.

Pre-Auction Offers - a good idea or a bad idea?

With so many homes being sold by auction, is it a good idea to short-circuit the process and make a pre-auction offer?

Auction Bidding Strategies - which is right for you?

Come in early, or come in late? Blow the competition away or play conservative?

So, what happens if an auction is, "Passed-In?"

Ok, so you're the highest bidder but the property hasn't sold. Now what???

Vendor Bids & Trial Closes

Auctioneers use a number of tips and tricks to flush out bidders and keep the momentum going. Buyers should be aware of them. 

Multiple Offers - how should you negotiate?

If the agent advises you that it's now a "Multi-Offer" how do you revise your strategy


Two-Minute Video Tips

Quick tips on all aspects of buying and selling