Which home is right for you?

Buying a home is all about lifestyle. It is something that reflects our personality and status and a place where we can feel, literally, at home. 

The type of property you choose is an important complement to your lifestyle – are you a party animal or a workaholic who doesn’t have the time or inclination to renovate or maintain – maybe an apartment is for you? Are you a homebody planning on a big family and lots of at-home entertaining – then a large house in the suburbs might be more your style. 

Beware inertia though. If you have been brought up in a character home in the suburbs then that is probably the type of home that you will gravitate towards, but that’s like always buying the same bottle of wine because you know you like it. Open your eyes to all of the options available to you, old and new. Experience a variety of housing styles by visiting various open homes and get a feel for the ambience that each creates. You might just surprise yourself and find that Zen minimalist chic is just what your life has been missing. 

Whatever type of home you feel best suits your lifestyle now; try to also consider how suitable it is likely to be during the next few years as your circumstances change. And, as ever, keep in mind the fact that at some point in the future you will want to sell the place. Those turrets and that faux drawbridge might appeal to your sense of history and romance but they may severely limit your list of potential buyers when it comes time to sell. 

Most importantly, if you are planning to change your living environment, say from a large home in the suburbs to an apartment in town, or from a townhouse in the inner suburbs to a lifestyle block in the country, do your homework about what life will really be like and whether it will suit you in the long term. It is essential that you talk to people like yourself who have already made the move to get the low-down on the reality of country or urban living in order to avoid making a serious mistake. 

This is an extract from The Streetwise Home Buyer. The full chapter covers much more and you can download it below for free.

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