GET LIM Reports

and find cvs and rates information instantly

Useful property information for buyers and sellers, such as LIM Reports, property files, capital values (CVs) and rates payable, are available at your local council. The problem is, most of their websites seem to be modelled on Victorian mazes and you can spend forever wandering around trying to find what you're after.

We've done the navigating for you and provided links to the exact web pages you need, whether it's to view a CV or order a LIM.

For more information about LIM Reports click here.

LIM reports (the acronym stands for Land Information Memorandum) are prepared by local councils to give a summary of the information the council holds on each property. 

If you think a property has had work done that might have required building consent from the local council, like an addition or even a deck that’s over one metre high, it’s a good idea to get a LIM. 

The onus to remedy any illegal work on a property is on the current owner, even if they had nothing to do with it. So make sure everything is above-board, before you buy. The trick with a LIM report is to spot the differences; they’re not as simple to interpret as you might think. You have to note everything you may think is suspect on the property and see if it has a corresponding consent on the LIM report. 

If you find that a property has an illegal structure or has had unpermitted work done, you can make it a condition of the purchase that this is remedied – this could mean anything from demolition, through to remedial work, to seeking a council Safe and Sanitary Report – this is in place of the final Code Compliance Certificate, which cannot be issued retrospectively.