Glen Innes / Pt England

including Wai O Taiki Bay

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Glen Innes and Pt England have a reputation for being a bit on the rough side, with many state-owned rental houses, but these often overlooked suburbs have a richness of another kind. Like cultural diversity, a strong community spirit and, on a less touchy-feely note, a swathe of waterside land bordering the Tamaki River. Popular with first-home buyers and investors, the area was mainly paddocks until World War II but now has many 1950s two-storey duplexes, some lovingly renovated ex-State gems and pockets of infill housing. Pt England is the more upmarket suburb. Glen Innes has large sections and with most of the area zoned Res 5, few properties can be subdivided – more space to park the dead cars, perhaps. There are a lot of churches, which is always a good sign.

Who Lives There?

The area has great ethnic diversity including Maori, Pacific Islanders and Asians as well as Arabs and Albanians. Many Asian immigrants have moved to Glen Innes and Pt England, attracted by the lower rents and house prices. Being home to the Tamaki campus of the University of Auckland, it is popular with renting students, especially on the hill at the St Johns Rd end of the suburb, making it also popular with investors. With the prevalence of state housing, it’s an area of blue collar workers. Residents have lots of pride in the area and a strong community spirit. They love their beer and their sports. Young couples and professionals are continuing to flock into the area because of its affordability, buying up ex-state houses and restoring these solid little homes. Many of these first-time home buyers will move closer to the sea or the more affluent neighbouring suburbs of St Johns and Glendowie in subsequent moves.

Typical Homes

Archetypal houses are current and former state houses and bungalows of 1940s vintage onwards, including typical 1950s two-storey duplexes. Some ex-state houses have been nicely renovated. Wai O Taiki Bay is a suburb on the up and up with a pleasant mix of new houses and state homes. Since the late 1980s, some parts of Glen Innes, such as Ropata Ave, have seen a fair amount of infill housing. Housing New Zealand’s Talbot Park is a high-density project which has recently undergone improvement and enlargement. The plan is to provide better housing by refurbishing units and homes and to make the general area safer with features such as good street lighting.

Population Profile


Aged Under 15 Years 26.47%
Aged Over 65 Years 11.81%
European 43.26%
Maori 15.49%
Pacific Peoples 32.16%
Asian 10.8%

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