including Takanini, Red Hill, Ardmore, Rosehill, Drury, Hingaia and Pahurehure

Suburb Specialists

Papakura is generally considered a southern suburb of Auckland, but in reality it is a town in its own right with a district council and even satellite suburbs: Red Hill and Pahurehure. Local people enjoy a relaxed and relatively direct relationship with their local government, giving them a real hand in democracy and community development. The area is the gateway to the south-of-Auckland countryside, yet its passenger train station is the third-most-used station in greater Auckland. There are some surprises to be found here, such as the ornate white and gold Sikh temple in industrial Takanini, the opulent Parkhaven Estate in Opaheke, and the sweeping views from the residences on Red Hill. With subdivisions just getting underway to the west of the motorway, in Hingaia, this area stands to see plenty of development yet.

Who Lives There?

Although it has quite a diverse population, Papakura is still a fairly conservative town. The community is close-knit and largely working class. Papakura is considered a good place to raise a family – although bored teenagers who no longer see Calf Club Day as a social highlight might disagree.

Typical Homes

Good, solid standard Kiwi homes are the norm in central Papakura, which was mostly developed in the 1950s to 1970s. Red Hill and Pahurehure are newer developments, and the plaster homes which have sprung uparound the substantial older farmhouses reflect that. The fledgling Keri Hills, north of Red Hill, has brick-and-tile homes.

Population Profile


Aged Under 15 Years 25.30%
Aged Over 65 Years 10.14%
European 57.38%
Maori 26.09%
Pacific Peoples 10.04%
Asian 7.50%