Manukau / Clover Park

Totara Heights, Flat Bush, East Tamaki Heights, Goodwood Heights, Chapel Downs and Puhinu

Suburb Specialists

The suburbs surrounding the Westfield Manukau City shopping mall have played a large part in raising the image of south Auckland. The mall itself brings a certain glamour to the area and, being home to New Zealand’s most famous amusement park, Rainbow’s End, has also raised the stakes in this formerly downtrodden and looked-down- upon part of town. Totara Heights, the longest-established part of this area, has beautiful homes and mature trees. The newer areas impress with their large contemporary homes and manicured sections. Even the existing parts of Flat Bush, formerly considered a fairly rough part of town are looking mostly spruce and shipshape these days – which no doubt is a great relief to everyone involved in creating the new flagship development which is also, somewhat confusingly, called Flat Bush.

Who Lives There?

Auckland in the 21st century is socially and ethnically a very diverse place, and you can see it all in these suburbs. Retirees and first home buyers like the high density terrace housing and apartments around Jeffs Rd. Young families are eyeing the small lifestyle blocks at the Regis Lane end of Ormiston Rd. Chapel Downs has first home buyers and Totara Heights - with its views and leafy surroundings - appeals to a more affluent and generally older demographic. The area appeals to new immigrants, too, with many moving here as renters, and then buying in the area – particularly in Chapel Downs and Clover Park – once they’ve become established.

Typical Homes

The standard Kiwi three-bedroom brick-and- tile house is everywhere, some meticulously maintained and some woefully neglected. With smaller sections and less time spent at home, apartments and terrace houses are now popular. The majority of homes have been built as cheaply as possible. Up at Manukau Heights and Totara Heights, it’s a different story, with many multi-storey houses, often surrounded by mature gardens or tucked into patches of native bush. Manukau and Wiri have extensive areas of fibrolite-clad state housing which, generally, has not aged well.

Population Profile


Aged Under 15 Years 27.48%
Aged Over 65 Years 5.72%
European 26.25%
Maori 16.10%
Pacific Peoples 34.54%
Asian 25.19%

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