including Brookby and Clevedon

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Endless stretches of post-and-rail fencing, mature trees, rolling fields and a love for all things equine, give Whitford, Brookby and Clevedon a strong sense of upper-class England. And, although the prices put it out of the reach of most Aucklanders, what you get for your money here would be astronomically expensive in the Old Country. This is Auckland’s stockbroker belt, think wealthy Virginia Water or Godalming in Surrey. Development has been tightly controlled thus far so there’s plenty of room to work out the polo ponies. The only downside to the sparseness of population is a lack of local amenities, Brookby for instance, has no shops of its own. The locals aren’t complaining too loudly though, the organic oysters from Clevedon Coast Oysters in the village go down rather well with a flute of bubbles after a chukka or two.

Who Lives There?

Community-minded people seem to gravitate to this area. This is a place where people actually turn up to public meetings. There’s even an action group set up to maintain the area’s character and to stop proposed changes which would allow for higher-density subdivision. The vast majority of locals are NZ European, some being recent immigrants, taking advantage of the relative affordability of the lifestyle. There is rarely a large selection of properties on the market – people who move here tend to love it and stay put. When properties do become available they tend to be snapped up by younger families with big pockets and a desire for the country lifestyle.

Typical Homes

A typical home here is one you can’t see from the road, because it’s set far back, behind tall, mature trees and vast expanses of paddock. Lifestyle blocks and equestrian properties are very popular. Small acreages of less than 2ha are hard to find. In Brookby, a group of 1970s houses makes it obvious when that farm was carved up for housing. Clevedon has some century-old villas and cottages. Apart from having a certain graciousness and spaciousness in common, the style of homes is actually very diverse.

Population Profile


Aged Under 15 Years 22.68%
Aged Over 65 Years 10.34%
European 78.01%
Maori 7.49%
Pacific Peoples 1.13%
Asian 2.48%