Bucklands Beach

including Eastern Beach

Suburb Specialists

Bucklands Beach and Eastern Beach occupy a spectacular little peninsula – but the area is so built up that it’s perfectly possible to be unaware of the fact that you’re on such a narrow piece of land. That is, until you reach Musick Pt at the tip of the peninsula and the almost surreal vista of the Hauraki Gulf opens up before you. Browns Island looks so close you could almost leap down on to it. (No, please don’t try it.) Apart from the hidden drama of the geography, it feels like any established eastern suburb. It’s a very settled and secure place. There’s only one way in and one way out. People stay put for a long time because they love it so much. It also has some real estate gems – streamlined nods to modern architecture – on the cliff tops looking out to sea.

Who Lives There?

Families who appreciate being near the sea have long gravitated to this area. They also appreciate the good schooling available (this is Macleans College zone) and, to a certain extent, the relative isolation of the peninsula which makes it a destination rather than a thoroughfare. While many properties are the preserve of the wealthy, the range of affordable properties brings in a good mix of families and retirees, who are predominantly NZ European and Asian. Another significant part of the population is older couples who are financially very comfortable. One remarkable aspect to the variety of generations found here is that they might just belong to the same families; grandchildren and their grandparents are living just houses or blocks apart, with the middle-agers close by as well.

Typical Homes

There are a considerable number of 30- and 40- year-old homes, many of which have swimming pools. However, because the area has been developed over many decades, there is really no such thing as a typical style of home. Many houses, though, are large and set on lovingly landscaped sections. Those with sea views tend to make the most of them with homes having enormous windows. Away from the sea views, there are more modest townhouses and units.

Population Profile


Aged Under 15 Years 19.15%
Aged Over 65 Years 9.95%
European 56.54%
Maori 2.28%
Pacific Peoples 0.88%
Asian 33.07%