Botany Downs / Dannemora

including Northpark, Somerville, Pt View Park, Cumbria Downs and Burswood

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Botany Downs and its cluster of satellite suburbs are the bridge between east and south Auckland. Jam-packed with big new retail developments and with kilometre after kilometre of seemingly cloned, brand spanking new, taupe homes, these are suburbs you either love or love to hate. Botany Town Centre is the heart of this still-new area and, although some of its charms have probably been surpassed by the even newer and even more impressive Sylvia Park shopping centre in Mount Wellington, it never sees a quiet day. Close proximity to established areas such as Howick and Pakuranga is a major bonus for residents here. It will take a little time for the landscaping to become mature and for the area to reach its aesthetic potential. In the meantime new arrivals seem content to put up with inevitable construction from the comfort of their sparkling new homes.

Who Lives There?

This is a racially mixed middle-class area with many immigrants – the variety of nationalities was obviously expected by those who dish out the street names: they include Billabong Pl, Kilimanjaro Dr and Napa Ct! Whatever the nationality, the family profile tends towards those with teenagers, established well-to-do families and retirees. All are drawn to the variety and newness of the housing stock, excellent schooling and the shopping amenities. Many people have relocated here from more established parts of east Auckland, seeking low maintenance executive homes with desirable features such as internal-access garaging, ensuites and walk-in wardrobes.

Typical Homes

Because this area was farmland just a few years ago, most of the houses are virtually new. Even those in Northpark, the older part of this area, may be only 20 years old. The modern brick-and tile, four-bedroom, one-level house dominates, although apartments are creeping in. There’s a definite sense of the homogenous American suburban dream, although the reality of land prices and desire for big houses means that the sections are small. The style of some of the more dramatic homes, where classical-style columns support two- storey-high porticos, seems ostentatious to some but appeals to others. The newness of homes here is appealing to some and off- putting to others and only time will tell how well this area will develop. The Sacramento terrace housing development by Botany Town Centre was seen as innovative when it was first built, but became infamous as New Zealand’s largest leaky home complex.

Population Profile


Aged Under 15 Years 21.80%
Aged Over 65 Years 8.24%
European 47.91%
Maori 3.56%
Pacific Peoples 2.33%
Asian 40.20%

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