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Maraetai Beach on the Pohutukawa Coast is one of Auckland’s prettiest beaches. Clean, calm waters, shady trees and children playing on its grassy banks or fishing from the pier with makeshift rods and lines. Beachlands and Maraetai were once the preserve of farmers and holidaymakers. How things change. Recent years have seen farms being carved up for expensive housing and amenities being introduced to keep pace with the increasingly cosmopolitan population. For those who can afford it, these seaside hamlets are still a great way to hang on to traditional Kiwi family values, where you know the neighbours by name and the kids can safely ride their bikes to school. While it’s the cliff-top properties that enjoy the jaw-dropping gulf views, everyone in this area can enjoy a beautiful, clean, safe swimming beach

Who Lives There?

These two seaside hamlets are family-oriented communities, popular with lifestylers from all parts of Auckland who want access to the city without having to tolerate crowded suburbs. English immigrants seem especially drawn to the area, as if it epitomises their expectations of New Zealand; pink-white shell, uncrowded beaches and quirky little cafés and shops set amongst the mature trees. There isn’t a lot of employment here, so most people commute; the number of ferry sailings to the CBD has had to increase to keep up with demand. Despite the rapid growth, this is still an area where you can expect to pop into your neighbours for a cup of sugar and be part of a strong community network.

Typical Homes

The fibrolite baches which were the norm here 20 years ago are now a rare and quaint sight. Many have been demolished and replaced with very substantial modern homes. Until recently, the area had a fairly even selection of housing styles from every decade since the 1920's, but new subdivisions mean that large quality contemporary homes now dominate.

Population Profile


Aged Under 15 Years 24.72%
Aged Over 65 Years 8.69%
European 80.40%
Maori 7.33%
Pacific Peoples 2.05%
Asian 1.48%

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