including Milford and Hauraki

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If Parnell is Auckland’s Beverly Hills, Takapuna is its Malibu. An address in Takapuna or Milford signifies prestige and affluence. Life here centres around the two gorgeous beaches – Takapuna and Milford – whether it’s the stunning views from the high-rise apartments that are comparatively new to the area, or being able to step right onto the sand from one of the elegant homes that line the beachfront. Location is everything in these suburbs and parochialism abounds. Tell Milford dwellers that Takapuna has the edge and you’ll get the pointy finger. The closer to the beach, or the more expansive the sea view, the greater the kudos. For those who want the lifestyle without the big beach house, apartments offer resort-style living, with cafés, restaurants and entertainment all within walking distance.

Who Lives There?

The smart, the stylish and the suitably suntanned all live here. Takapuna and Milford are the suburbs that everyone else on this side of the bridge aspires to move to. A stroll along Takapuna beach tells you lots about the locals, whether it’s the gold that adorns the beachgoers or the fabulous homes that abut the beach. In Milford there are affluent families with boating in their blood, and many older people who like the flat walk to the mall and the beach. Anywhere along the seaward side of Lake Rd, this country’s high rollers have put down a small portion of their net worth for water’s edge properties. The city side of the landscape is where the upwardly mobile are settled – for the meantime – until they can shuffle their way street by street towards the water.

Typical Homes

For all its affluence, Takapuna has many basic weatherboard houses as well as larger family homes, sumptuous mansions and high-rise apartments. Many original cottages have been renovated beyond recognition or demolished. Along Clifton Rd, the trend is to build new rather than renovate. Takapuna’s popular modern high-rise apartments include The Sentinel, Promenade Terraces, the Takapuna Sands, the Rocks and the Mon Desir. At the other end of the market, brick and tile units built during the 1960s and 1970s are still in demand for buyers seeking a foothold in Takapuna, and for investors. Inland Hauraki Corner is a popular first entry into the area, and its appeal is evident in the new homes and extensive renovations along the quiet leafy streets off the main road.

Population Profile


Aged Under 15 Years 14.91%
Aged Over 65 Years 17.66%
European 71.21%
Maori 3.83%
Pacific Peoples 1.41%
Asian 12.95%