Forrest Hill

including Sunnynook, Westlake and Crown Hill

Suburb Specialists

Sandwiched between the northern motorway and the very desirable seafront locales of Takapuna, Milford, Castor Bay and Campbells Bay, this stretch of suburbs benefits from all the facilities the Shore has to offer; easy motorway access and relative affordability. Westlake is the name synonymous with its two local secondary schools – both excellent institutions. It’s quiet, solid and, well, just downright handy to everything that’s important to the people of the North Shore – shops, beaches, motorways and cafés. It’s only a few minutes north of Takapuna but it’s far more affordable, which makes the picture even brighter. Sunnynook used to be one of the shore’s “nappy valley” suburbs but it now attracts a wider cross-section of people. Forrest Hill and Crown Hill are more upmarket with many elevated properties having fabulous views of the city.

Who Lives There?

Families, families and more families – that’s who lives here. The houses are more affordable than neighbouring Takapuna and Milford so appeal to families looking to get established. For those for whom it’s “the Shore or nothing”, this is a choice location that’s still close to Milford, CBD-style amenities in Takapuna and the beaches along the east coast bays. An influx of affluent professionals is adding to the demographic profile in the newer areas of the suburb. Modest income-earners who can’t afford bay prices opt for Forrest Hill and Crown Hill. Sunnynook was created as a subdivision of affordable housing and is a natural stepping stone for young families moving up from neighbouring Glenfield.

Typical Homes

Sunnynook’s stock, standard houses have lasted the distance. Originally built by developers, they may all be much of a muchness but make good solid family homes. In Forrest Hill there’s more choice in housing styles, reflecting the era in which sprawling farmland was carved up into residential plots 40 years ago. Executive houses now feature in parts of Forrest Hill, bringing some welcome diversity – and slightly higher profile – to the overall area.

Population Profile


Aged Under 15 Years 18.37%
Aged Over 65 Years 13.73%
European 58.05%
Maori 4.31%
Pacific Peoples 1.97%
Asian 28.89%