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Takapuna and Devonport are two of the North Shore’s star suburbs. Belmont and Bayswater, sitting solidly in between the two, are much less glamorous, much more affordable and arguably – because they’re relatively undeveloped – with much more potential for capital gain. The two are separated by long, straight Lake Rd, with Bayswater being to the harbour side and Belmont to the open sea side. Bayswater, which still has a somewhat sleepy feel despite its newfound popularity, is a narrow peninsula which has a marina, its own ferry service and fabulous sea views. Belmont residents enjoy a top-class white sand beach and views of Rangitoto – but Bayswater has the benefit of somewhat more affordable prices. Narrow Neck, with its cliff top and beachside properties, is in the same high echelon as Devonport.

Who Lives There?

These suburbs are a good healthy mix of people, from retirees who have lived here for ever, to young aspiring families who can’t afford Devonport yet, and sophisticated young professionals getting into the home ownership market. Some of those young professionals see this area as the new alternative to Devonport altogether, with its own ferry connection to their jobs in downtown Auckland. There’s the sort of cultural diversity you only get when an area has its grounding in solid blue-collar workers. With such a lively mix, community life and pride is very much alive and well. However with the area on the up and up and prices rising, that mix is skewing increasingly towards those who are more financially well-off.

Typical Homes

Belmont/Bayswater was established long after Devonport so the houses date from 1920s bungalows and are representative of most decades since: 1930s art deco stucco homes, 1950s ex-state houses, 1960s brick- and-tile units and 1970s weatherboard houses. There’s something for everyone, including independent senior citizens who are buying into Marina View, a boutique retirement village beautifully set at the end of the Bayswater peninsula (until recently, known as Bayswater Cove Retirement Resort). The scruffy state houses on Lake Rd, driving into Belmont, aren’t an indication of the flavour of the area. The best homes are tucked off the side streets and along the water’s edge streets on both coastlines. With homes built originally on large 900m2 plus sections, this area has attracted its share of infill housing which at least gives choice to prospective purchasers.

Population Profile


Aged Under 15 Years 20.52%
Aged Over 65 Years 11.87%
European 75.97%
Maori 7.90%
Pacific Peoples 2.60%
Asian 6.70%

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