Te Atatu

including Te Atatu Peninsula and Te Atatu South

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It’s hard to believe that Te Atatu Peninsula was once considered one of the roughest parts of West Auckland – today, it’s coast to coast comfort, a mix of modest older homes and palatial contemporary residences. With the huge demand for waterfront property, especially so near the north-western motorway and the CBD, the peninsula is understandably popular. The views are of mangroves and the harbour bridge, not white sandy beaches, but there are boat ramps aplenty and it’s a pleasant spot to kayak around. Blue collar Te Atatu South doesn’t have the panache of the peninsula, but it does have easy access to the motorway and more affordable prices. It even has some waterfront real estate of its own, including a new development next to the wide Whau River (just before it joins the Waitemata Harbour).

Who Lives There?

As a suburb in transition, Te Atatu Peninsula is home to a variety of people. There’s the traditional crowd made up of salt-of-the-earth families and retirees living on a tight budget, then there are the more affluent newcomers who have bought the swanky new houses and who have disposable cash in their pockets. They are a mix of families and professional young couples, keen on mod cons but also aware of the relative value of waterside living in this area. They also like the fact that it’s not a “through” suburb, so has comparatively less traffic. Te Atatu South has many families with its goodsized homes and plentiful schools as well as being close to both Henderson civic centre and the motorway.

Typical Homes

On the peninsula, there are generally two types of housing – the older family homes from the 1950s and 1960s, and the new brick and plaster-finish and terrace houses, with not much in between. The general lift in interest in the area, has seen a revival of popularity in those earlier homes for their solidity and accompanying family-sized sections. In Te Atatu South, the houses are standard suburban weatherboard numbers, very similar to the Dally palaces which made Henderson famous.

Population Profile


Aged Under 15 Years 21.86%
Aged Over 65 Years 12.32%
European 52.91%
Maori 16.33%
Pacific Peoples 19.01%
Asian 9.95%