New Lynn

including Glendene, Kelston and Glen Eden

Suburb Specialists

New Lynn is solid suburbia from its heart to its heights. The suburb’s focus is its signature mall and it’s fitting that this is where the iconic Crown Lynn potteries, for years, produced tough, serviceable crockery for New Zealand’s dinner tables. Nothing fancy, no pretence. In recent years, the suburb’s status as the civic hub of the west has been usurped by its gung-ho neighbour Henderson but the locals don’t care. They have all that they need. Glen Eden is shaking off its backwater status thanks to the enviable energies of forward thinking locals. They have revitalised its playhouse theatre, smartened up its RSA, acquired an excellent library and put in a railway station café. Don’t get Glen Eden confused with Glendene though. The latter is a newer area that sprouted during the 1960s and 1970s.

Who Lives There?

New Lynn and its environs is real New Zealand, heartland stuff with families of all ages and stages working to make an honest living. First home buyers, long-term elderly residents and migrant families from throughout Asia (and Eastern Europe) make up the population mix. The suburb’s flat topography suits older folk and pram-pushing parents. Glen Eden continues to be a traditional first home buying area, and is used as a stepping stone to the more desirable neighbouring Green Bay and Titirangi. Older houses attract investor interest. Kelston is a family suburb famous for its secondary schooling.

Typical Homes

New Lynn was originally known for its brick homes (this area is rich in brick-making clay), but they make up only a small percentage of the homes today, thanks to subdivision and in-fill housing. Older homes on large sections are common, built in the days when weatherboard and corrugated iron were the building materials of choice for affordable homes. Their subdivision potential has been exploited and the result is modern brick-and-tile in-fill houses. Glen Eden and Kelston both have the odd original farmhouse, some Art Deco homes, post-war bungalows and the more recent weatherboard styles. Glen Eden also has a lot of new terrace housing. Glen Eden and New Lynn are placing high-density housing near the railway lines, making for easy eco-friendly commuting.

Population Profile


Aged Under 15 Years 23.27%
Aged Over 65 Years 9.48%
European 45.68%
Maori 11.43%
Pacific Peoples 18.99%
Asian 21.94%