including Lincoln, Sunnyvale, Western Heights and Henderson Valley

Suburb Specialists

Progress on many fronts make Henderson the envy of other city suburbs. There’s a new civic centre and a “Baby Britomart” transport centre underway. The overhauled Waitakere Hospital, on Lincoln Rd, has been named one of this country’s most advanced “green” buildings. There’s a Henderson Vineyards Business Campus planned for central Lincoln, and ex-Mayor Bob Harvey's plans to make Henderson the Hollywood of the South Pacific appear to be bearing fruit. The old apple coolstore which was converted to a film facility in 2002 is pretty well booked solid for film and TV productions and was used for major films including In My Father’s Den and The Chronicles of Narnia. Despite the positive outlook, some streets remain doggedly unrenovated.

Who Lives There?

About 160 years young, Henderson was where Yugoslav migrants brought their skills as orchardists and viticulturalists in the days when the countryside was a vista of orderly vineyards and orchards. There are still strong multi-generational links throughout Henderson. Children are born and schooled here and if they do move away, they’ll often be drawn back to its lifestyle, schools and amenities to raise their own children. This is largely solid working-class territory, with some more moneyed folk in the comparatively prestigious estates of Henderson Heights.

Typical Homes

Henderson’s houses are synonymous with the famous “Dally palaces”, built by Croatian migrants from Dalmatia during the 1970s. They were big with white wrought-iron balustrades and orderly rose gardens on generous 700m² sections. Brick continues to be the cladding material of choice, as the developers who’ve moved into the old vineyards and orchards have created enclaves of prestigious brick homes. In Burgundy Park, Western Heights and Palm Heights, brick homes adorn streets with mouthwatering names, such as Chardonnay, Semillon, Cognac and Shiraz – a nod to Henderson’s famous winemaking heritage.

Population Profile


Aged Under 15 Years 23.52%
Aged Over 65 Years 10.56%
European 50.58%
Maori 12.84%
Pacific Peoples 15.84%
Asian 19.68%