including Parakai, Kaukapakapa and South Head

Suburb Specialists

Set in the rolling rural heartland of the Kaipara Harbour, Helensville is now catching the eye of canny lifestyle block lovers and gentleman farmers that can’t afford Kumeu and Huapai. Long considered conservative and isolated, the town used to suffer from bypass status, but the growing number of city dwellers that are seeking the simple pleasures of the country are changing all that. Despite its aquatic park, Parakai has always been the poor cousin of more salubrious Helensville, but that appears to be changing somewhat, with a smart new subdivision and a new block of shops. The general area has become very popular with Aucklanders in recent years; it’s definitely away from town and can provide your family with a small-town lifestyle, but is still (just) within commuting distance. Kaukapakapa is still rural and its township serves the needs of a large agrarian community.

Who Lives There?

Lifestylers, artists, self-confessed eccentrics, families and elderly people come together happily in a community that expresses the best of what small-town New Zealand is all about. The children of born-and-bred locals generally stay and raise their own families. Immigrants are arriving too, especially to South Head with its attractive land prices. Newcomers to Helensville and Parakai, from West Auckland and the North Shore, will happily get into their cars (or onto the train) for the commute to Auckland, when not long ago they’d baulk at urban motorways and traffic lights. Such is the attraction these days of a home in the countryside.

Typical Homes

Helensville is best known for its villas whether they’re in-town originals or relocated villas from Auckland’s inner city suburbs. Auckland buyers widen their eyes in delight at the modest price tags, considering what a similar home might cost in Mt Eden or Devonport. Other homes include weatherboard houses of all shapes, sizes, styles and conditions. There are smart brick-and-tile houses in Amberly Heights close to Kaipara College. Parakai’s older housing stock includes basic family homes on typical quarter acre sections. The new brick-and-tile homes in the River Valley estate behind Palm Springs pools are bringing a modern look to the township. South Head is largely lifestyle blocks. Kaukapakapa is a mix of lifestyle blocks and large farms.

Population Profile


Aged Under 15 Years 23.78%
Aged Over 65 Years 9.75%
European 73.78%
Maori 14.24%
Pacific Peoples 3.54%
Asian 1.90%