Suburb Specialists

Remuera may have lost its crown as Auckland’s highest-priced suburb to Herne Bay, but its position as the suburb of preference for the seriously moneyed remains unquestioned. Most of Remuera’s grandest homes go unnoticed by all but the keenest observer. Long, tree-lined driveways snake from Victoria Ave and Remuera Rd down to secluded, manicured estates. The neighbourhood’s traditional make-up is gradually changing though. New-money types are making an appearance, wanting a slice of the suburb’s status, and members of the twin-set-and-pearls brigade with their sensible shoes are less in evidence in the cafés on the busy high street. Remuera Rd has become Auckland’s answer to London’s Harley St. Dignified two-storey homes have been converted into private clinics, and the specialists who work there choose to live close by.

Who Lives There?

It’s no secret that Remuera is home to the high socio-economic bracket. Nowadays it’s increasingly a mix of the nouveau riche and old-money families – much to the chagrin of the latter. It has long been established as the residential area of choice for successful businesspeople and their families. Much of the country’s old money is housed within these impressive villas and bungalows, although inter-generational loyalty to the suburb does seem to be dying off. Because Remuera is within the Auckland Grammar School zone and close to a number of private schools, it is popular with affluent, education-conscious families seeking a comfortable suburban home. School zoning is also a definite attraction for large numbers of wealthy migrant families. There are also numerous retired people living in Remuera’s apartments. The suburb retains some sort of youthful balance, with a large number of professional people aged under 40 trying to establish a foothold. For couples on a high joint income, the area’s excellent resale prospects make a necessarily large mortgage still look like a good bet.

Typical Homes

Remuera has many of the largest old homes in Auckland, some on extensive grounds. Heritage zones protect the character of certain streets – parts of Bassett Rd, Arney Rd, Portland Rd and Seaview Rd – and this protection is now stronger than ever. During the past decade, contemporary, minimalist designer homes and luxury low-rise apartments have taken pride of place on the suburb’s famous north-facing slopes. This, combined with the many renovated character villas and bungalows has added to the selection of housing styles available. Even the smaller, more ordinary-looking houses in Bassett Rd aren’t in danger of disappearing, due to the importance of tradition. Residents like the way these little houses look, even though the renovation has been done mainly – or only – on the insides. The undulating geography of the suburb means that views of the city, the Hauraki Gulf and One Tree Hill are commonplace. Nearly every pocket of land has been filled, with many older-style homes being relocated to make way for new developments. Typically we’re talking about well-designed, quality developments – not bargain basement ticky-tacky – so this has added variety and enhanced, rather than detracted from the area.

Population Profile


Aged Under 15 Years 20.54%
Aged Over 65 Years 12.50%
European 69.79%
Maori 2.72%
Pacific Peoples 1.46%
Asian 17.21%