including Mt Wellington, Sylvia Park and Tamaki

Suburb Specialists

Panmure is one of the few Auckland suburbs that can be compared with London and Paris. Unfortunately it’s not for the shopping. The infamous Panmure roundabout is at least as difficult for drivers to navigate as Hyde Park Corner or the Arc de Triomphe and best approached with trepidation and a steady hand on the wheel. But Panmure deserves to be talked about for its other attributes such as its varied housing, proximity to the city and good motorway access, as well as the large and exciting projects afoot. Mt Wellington is now home to the King Kong-like Sylvia Park shopping centre sprawling over 24ha. Sylvia Park is expected to do much for the area’s profile and will create employment opportunities that will, in turn, positively influence property values. Next,is the Stonefields community development at old Mt Wellington quarry, which will pump 2900 new houses and 6500 new souls into its re-sculpted crater.

Who Lives There?

A relatively affordable suburb fairly close to town, Panmure appeals to first-home buyers, while Mt Wellington is seen as an aspiring man’s Ellerslie. With the opening of the business park aspect of Sylvia Park, the injection of white-collar jobs is changing the population profile in the area significantly. Many migrants – from a huge range of countries, and mainlanders from the South Island – also live here, attracted by the lower prices and major employment areas in Mt Wellington and further south. The townhouses and terrace blocks around the Panmure Lagoon and near the shopping centre attract young professional couples. Right on the water, Rich-Listers hide out and gaze at their yachts moored off properties that enable them to step straight off the back lawn and on to the water. Generally though, this suburb is a solid working class area that acts as a gateway to the eastern suburbs. In Panmure and Tamaki, the University of Auckland’s Tamaki campus attracts students and lecturing staff to live nearby.

Typical Homes

The types of houses in Panmure are as diverse as the suburb itself. There are turn-of-the-century villas, brick and tile units, townhouses, renovated bungalows, 1960s and 1970s family homes and state and ex-state houses. Many of the latter have been sold by the Government in recent times, although this trend has slowed with current policy. With many sizeable sections (between 600m² and 950m²), it’s an ideal spot for families. Spacious executive-style houses can be found along the Tamaki River, and on the hill heading towards Pakuranga, where they have views towards St Kentigen’s College, Farm Cove and Mt Wellington.

Population Profile


Aged Under 15 Years 22.65%
Aged Over 65 Years 8.48%
European 38.20%
Maori 14.62%
Pacific Peoples 25.13%
Asian 23.54%