One Tree Hill

including Royal Oak and Greenlane

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If you take a map of greater Auckland and stick a pin in the middle, One Tree Hill and its environs are pretty much at the centre. One of Auckland’s iconic landmarks, One Tree Hill – or rather None Tree Hill since it’s lone pine was attacked by a Maori activist in 1994 and then removed – gives some of the best views of Auckland and is encircled by beautiful parkland, enjoyed by picnic lovers and joggers alike. The surrounding suburbs are well established, tree-filled and pretty. The confusing and busy Royal Oak roundabout is like the centre of a compass and a place of loathing for the hesitant driver. Greenlane is sandwiched between the motorway and Cornwall Park, and has suffered an image problem due to an abundance of car dealerships (the new business park along Great South Rd is a positive feature for the area). One Tree Hill is close to, but traditionally much cheaper, than both Epsom and Remuera.

Who Lives There?

The flat terrain (with the exception of the hill itself) makes these suburbs ideal for the elderly who bravely negotiate the Royal Oak roundabout (Zimmer frames must make great bumper bars) en route to the homely Royal Oak mall. The reputable local primary and intermediate schools make the area a drawcard for young families. With most of these suburbs just missing out on Auckland and Epsom Girls Grammar zoning, families tend to use them as stepping-stones to Epsom when their children reach secondary school age. Many young professionals make their home in One Tree Hill because of its relatively central location. It is less than half an hour’s drive to the city, a 15-minute drive to the airport and south Auckland and a five-minute drive to the industrial area of Penrose.

Typical Homes

Established in the 1930s, when neighbouring Onehunga with its thriving port became crowded, One Tree Hill and Royal Oak have many period bungalows, now often on half-size sections. Although both villas and period bungalows can be found in One Tree Hill itself, villas are less common in Royal Oak and Greenlane. Virtually every era of family home is represented in the leafy streets. There are some big bungalows still on large sections nearer Onehunga and on the Greenlane streets bordering Cornwall Park (many of these are on leasehold land so may look grand but aren’t exorbitantly expensive). There are still many state houses as well as brick and tile units, concentrated in streets like Te Rama Rd. There has been a general increase in townhouses throughout the area, due to infill housing and a terraced housing development at the Royal Oak end of Campbell Road.

Population Profile


Aged Under 15 Years 18.91%
Aged Over 65 Years 12.27%
European 56.84%
Maori 3.71%
Pacific Peoples 3.09%
Asian 31.60%