Mount Roskill

Including Hillsborough and Waikowhai

Suburb Specialists

Mt Roskill is still known as Auckland’s ‘Bible belt’, although there seem to be as many mosques as churches these days. Recognising the area’s diversity, local MP Phil Goff even sends out ‘Happy Diwali’ letters each year to Indian constituents. They may be Godfearing types around here but unfortunately His presence didn’t stop Mt Roskill recently being named as Auckland’s most graffitied suburb. The SH20 extension, which now offers a convenient alternative to the southern motorway, has caused considerable unease and inconvenience in the area in the last few years, but at last it’s over. Hillsborough and Waikowhai are hilly areas bordering the Manukau Harbour, often with spectacular views and some real estate gems on leafy sections. The name Waikowhai isn’t widely used. Everyone calls it Hillsborough and more recently, simply Mt Roskill South.

Who Lives There?

Mt Roskill and Hillsborough have sizeable immigrant populations, with many from India, Korea and China. The neighbourhood and its Samoan residents have even been immortalised in the successful local film, Sione’s Wedding. Families love the big rambling houses on decent sized sections and are attracted by Mt Roskill Grammar School’s good reputation. The school zone is most-often a prospective buyer’s first question to real estate agents when they’re checking out a house. Others appreciate the handiness of the area. It is only 20 minutes, off-peak to the CBD. It’s close to the airport, Manukau and Onehunga and, thanks to the SH20 extension, even West Auckland. Just as well located but one-third of the price of, say, bluechip Remuera.

Typical Homes

Salt-of-the-earth suburban homes, kids running hither and thither, open friendly front yards (no high keep-away walls here) – that’s Mt Roskill. Developed mostly in the 1950s and 1960s, modest bungalows and solid ex-state houses are also common, interspersed with newer townhouses on half sites as the once ubiquitous quarter-acre sections are sliced up. There’s also a new apartment block called Key Stone Ridge. Mt Roskill South is a subdivision developed from the 1980s onwards, with executive-style homes.

Population Profile


Aged Under 15 Years 19.80%
Aged Over 65 Years 11.88%
European 35.08%
Maori 4.90%
Pacific Peoples 13.09%
Asian 40.94%