Including Eden Terrace, Western Springs and Morningside

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Perched on the fringe of the central city, Kingsland is a long-neglected suburb whose time has finally come to shine. As well as the cafés, designer handcraft retailers and fashion boutiques, there are now new apartment buildings, trendy shops, funky bars and busy restaurants. Originally a working-class neighbourhood, old Kingsland is typified by the narrow streets of old cottages running parallel to the northwestern motorway. The further down the hill you are, the less sun and the more motorway noise you get. Eden Terrace is an edgy mix of commercial and residential; it has an idiosyncratic, bohemian character and a number of student flats. Morningside, fictional home of TV3’s Bro’Town, is primarily commercial and light industrial. Western Springs has a mix of gentrified bungalows and state housing.

Who Lives There?

This once less-than-desirable area is now humming to the sound of coffee machines and the cry of wee ones following in their trendy parents’ footsteps. There is still some blue-collar presence here, but the newer residents are white-collar-types who can’t quite afford Grey Lynn. Rental properties are plentiful across these suburbs and popular with students, but Western Springs has largely become a thriving family area. The do-ups that renovators have bought in the past are now ripe for re-sale and are being snapped up by willing buyers. Gentrification of the whole region has been fuelled by those making the jump across the north-western motorway from the more expensive Grey Lynn. Some of the older Polynesian families remain, many living in homes owned for several generations.

Typical Homes

These suburbs were established over time and there is a range of house styles, from turn-of- the-century villas, cottages and onwards. Most Kingsland houses are villas and the suburb is a protected area under the council’s district scheme. There are also a number of contemporary homes. Although many of the houses in Western Springs are on larger sections (by inner-city standards) subdivision opportunities are scarce. The sections in Western Springs are still too small for modern home designs and there aren’t many contemporary homes as a result. Those that have been developed recently tend to be small terrace houses. There are some apartment complexes, such as those near the railway line in Morningside, the new block in Kingsland or further up New North Rd in Eden Terrace. There are also a few home-and-office conversions in Morningside. There are some tatty blocks of flats, particularly down Don Croot St between Kingsland and Western Springs, but even this area is being slowly spruced up.

Population Profile


Aged Under 15 Years 10.78%
Aged Over 65 Years 3.62%
European 55.65%
Maori 7.72%
Pacific Peoples 11.44%
Asian 18.17%