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Find the Neighbourhoods that are Best for Your Lifestyle

What factors are important to you and your family in choosing where to live? Shops, schools, commute time, environment? 

Suburb Sleuth scores the neighbourhoods according to nine lifestyle characteristics that you can specify and then identify the places that will suit you best. 

You might just be surprised.

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  • Tick the boxes to select which Regions, Environments, People and Style of Homes you prefer (pick as many as you like)
  • Click and drag the slider buttons to specify how important you consider Schools, Amenities and Hip Factor
  • Adjust the Commute Time and Price Range sliders to choose an ideal range
  • Then click, “Find Suburbs” to see the results

An Advance Search option is also available that allows you to “weight” the Region, Environment, People and Style of Homes selections by adding a “Slightly Important – Very Important” slider bar if you want to add a bias to any of those choices.   

Once you have found your top 10 neighbourhoods you can see how they compare to your selection criteria.

Please note: Don't be too surprised to see some suburbs that you didn't expect. Each of the suburbs has a score against every variable, eg, a North Shore suburb will also have scores for Central South, East and West, depending on accessibility to those regions. The search algorithm is designed to find the best matches based on your overall search profile, so although you may have only ticked "North," say, some suburbs in the West might actually make the short-list because they match well against your other criteria.

Click on the suburbs selected to learn about the places and their neighbourhoods; find out about the people who live there and typical homes.

Like the look of the place?  Click on “View Homes for Sale” to start planning your Open Home schedule for the weekend. 

If the suburb is a genuine contender, or you want to know ALL of the facts about how it rates – Schools, Shops, Real Estate Trends, Best Streets and Prices at-a-glance – you can download the full chapter from Where to Live in Auckland immediately, or you can buy the book in our store.

Initially, Suburb Sleuth covers Auckland only, but other cities will be added soon.

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