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For a long time we were not fans of city apartments,

either as a lifestyle choice or as an investment that would be likely to result in significant price appreciation. We have to admit to a change of heart.

We believe the future of many people living in cities like Auckland and Wellington are now dependent on apartment living and that some developments offer promising lifestyle and investment opportunities. Here are a couple of reasons why we have gone from doubters to enthusiasts.

  • Housing unaffordability is here to stay for many would-be home buyers - apartments will be there only option
  • The severe shortage of housing in cities like Auckland can only be addressed efficiently by apartment developments being constructed relatively quickly and utilising comparatively little land
  • New Zealand's - like most developed countries' -  city centres are being successfully regenerated and are where people want to live
  • Young home buyers can't continue to buy further and further from their workplaces in the cities. Commuting times are already unreasonable for many and the planned improvement of roading and transport infrastructure do not offer a solution in the medium-term
  • Down-sizing is an inevitable reality for many Baby Boomers seeking to finance their retirements and benefit from the amenities the rejuvenated inner-cities have to offer. They are drawn towards relatively low-cost, low-maintenance, communal living options.

New apartment developments are springing up everywhere in New Zealand's cities. Their locations, price-points and facilities are all different. Some are unappealing because they are by developers without a pedigree or have not been conceived to maximise  benefits for either owner-occupiers or investors. Others have legal titles that shriek uncertainty and could be a millstone for the inexperienced. And there are those that represent heightened risk because of their far flung locations and limited resale appeal. We believe our partner developments offer something special in terms of lifestyle, return and potential appreciation and we are delighted to introduce Hometopia users to these opportunities at absolutely no cost to buyers.

Hometopia Selected Developments

In association with our sister company - Auckland HomeFinders, IFPNZ Limited Licensed Real Estate Agent (REAA 2008) - we have now partnered with a small number of New Zealand development companies that we think are noteworthy. It might be an exceptional location, unrivaled facilities, amazing price-point or just a stunning concept that we feel makes their developments standout from the crowd. Some are expensive, some are budget. Some are great for investors, others suit owner-occupiers. But all them offer something that we think is special and worthy of your attention.

In these cases, our sister company, Auckland HomeFinders, is pleased to represent the selected developments as their agent. There is no fee payable by Hometopia users who choose to buy these apartments - we are paid by the developers - and there are usually EXCLUSIVE BENEFITS, e.g, a price discount or furniture package, etc. 

If you are looking to buy an apartment off-plan and would like to talk to us about your requirements, we would be delighted to help you, make recommendations accordingly and help you through the whole of the buying process.

Please email or call [email protected] 021 722 017, for an initial conversation.

And if you are a developer that wants to work with Hometopia and has something that you feel would be special for our home buyers get in touch and let's start talking.